Welcome to Fiddaa

Conceived in the heart of Maharashtra, our story began in Mumbai where Sanjana Gupta, driven by design proficiency and the need to create something different, founded conceived in the heart of Maharashtra, Fiddaa is home to a team of passionate designers and artisans that bring unparalleled creativity to the table. Today 18 Years down the line, we have a full-fledged design studio and workshop located in Mumbai. We have curated more than 2000 unique designs and delivered gorgeous and stylish footwear across India, Singapore, UK, and the Middle East. Both, our B2C and B2B customers adore us for our feel and fit of the product, alongside consistent quality and constant product innovation.


Sanjana Gupta

Sanjana Gupta was very fond of footwear and used to buy almost 1-2 pairs/week from the footwear stores at Bandra and breach candy. In the year 2003, the ladies footwear market was flooded with dull and run-of-the-mill designs deciding to do something about the lack of choices, Sanjana bought some fashion jewelry from the market and stitched it onto simple footwear procured from the market. Her efforts were highly appreciated by her friends and family. This encouraged her to try her creative hand art few more pairs, which she gifted to her friends. Thus a humble beginning was made for the production of Fiddaa. 

sanjana gupta fidddaa shoes

Women Owned

From the very inception of the brand, to all the success that has found its way to us, the credit goes to the women who own, run and manage the business.

Unmatched Comfort

All our footwear are made using the most premium raw materials and exceptional attention to details, empowered by a full-fledged in-house design studio that believes in setting trends instead of following them.

100% Vegan

With social responsibility towards all life and the environment, all our operations are constantly being optimized for increased sustainability, ensuring that we leave a minimal carbon footprint and harm no animals or plants in the production process.